Welcome to Skydive Fargo!

Come experience the world of skydiving with us!

We are a small club that offers static-line and tandem skydives. We also welcome licensed skydivers to jump with us!

Since Skydive Fargo is a not-for-profit club, everyone who jumps here is required to become a club member (Annual dues are included in the first jump price. Membership expires at the end of the calendar year).

Along with the privilege to skydive, club membership provides you many other benefits such as attending weekly social functions, club meetings, holiday parties, as well as voting for our board of directors. Check out the sections below to learn more!

Our Location: We are located at the West Fargo Airport approximately 4 miles west of I-29 on 19th Ave. N.

Hours of Operation: Weather permitting, current hours (June 2014) are Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30 pm, and weekends from 10:00 am. We end at sunset. Like us on Facebook. We try to post when we are jumping.

Static Line Training

Learn to skydive on your own through our Static-Line Training Program.

Learn more about static line skydiving.

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Tandem Skydiving

Jump with an instructor under the same parachute with minimal training.

Learn more about making your tandem skydive.

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  • Continuing our Summer 2014 weekends of theme parties and skydive movies, this weekend is Point Break!

    Do your best Brody or Johnny Utah impersonation.

    Want to try surfing? The West Fargo lagoons will provide plenty of waves for you to catch.

    Do a jump with the ex-presidents: Nixon, Reagan, Carter, and LBJ.

    Anyone that can recreate a scene from Point Break will be given a free jump from Greg.

    Hoop jumps and maybe an inflatable.

    Big “fatty” rounds all day long. Cowboy boots, flippers, and bare feet encouraged. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Love this ground rush sh*t.

    Can you hold a conversation with another jumper in freefall? This will be tested via secret messages that must be communicated to a partner while also performing maneuvers.


    Point Break - Skydiving Scene (HQ) High Quality

    Skydiving scene from point break
  • 77 degrees with a few clouds and winds at 9 mph. Wow, it's a perfect jump day and almost the end of July, so come out tonight and make that jump you have been wanting to do. Students, there will be instructors and coaches available to keep you moving to that A license.
  • nice forecast for tonight- I think we should skydive


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