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Come experience the world of skydiving with us!

Reservations are now available for 2015!

Skydive Fargo is a club dropzone that offers static-line and tandem skydives for students, and has been in operation since the inception of "Valley Skydivers" in 1967.

Since Skydive Fargo is a not-for-profit club, everyone who jumps here is required to become a club member (Annual dues are included in the first jump price. Membership expires at the end of the calendar year).

Along with the privilege to skydive, club membership provides you many other benefits such as attending weekly social functions, club meetings, holiday parties, as well as voting for our board of directors. Check out the sections below to learn more!

Our Location: We are located at the West Fargo Airport, approximately 4 miles west of I-29 on 19th Ave. North.

Hours of Operation: Our season will officially start in late April. Until then, we may be open on weekends, weather permitting. Like us on Facebook. We try to post when we are jumping.

Static Line Training

Learn to skydive on your own through our Static-Line Training Program.

Learn more about static line skydiving.

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Tandem Skydiving

Jump with an instructor under the same parachute with minimal training.

Learn more about making your tandem skydive.

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  • WHAT!!! 26 loads so far. And the day isn't over yet. Both planes turnin' and burnin'!

  • Super busy day at the DZ. AFFI course, tandems, student jumpers, fun jumpers!
  • A beautiful evening of skydiving. Both planes flying.

    Thursday evening
    A beautiful evening of skydiving. Both planes flying.


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