Welcome to Skydive Fargo!

Come experience the world of skydiving with us!

Tandem reservations are now available for 2015!

We are a small club that offers static-line and tandem skydives. We also welcome licensed skydivers to jump with us!

Since Skydive Fargo is a not-for-profit club, everyone who jumps here is required to become a club member (Annual dues are included in the first jump price. Membership expires at the end of the calendar year).

Along with the privilege to skydive, club membership provides you many other benefits such as attending weekly social functions, club meetings, holiday parties, as well as voting for our board of directors. Check out the sections below to learn more!

Our Location: We are located at the West Fargo Airport, approximately 4 miles west of I-29 on 19th Ave. North.

Hours of Operation: Our season will officially start in late April. Until then, we may be open on weekends, weather permitting. Like us on Facebook. We try to post when we are jumping.

Static Line Training

Learn to skydive on your own through our Static-Line Training Program.

Learn more about static line skydiving.

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Tandem Skydiving

Jump with an instructor under the same parachute with minimal training.

Learn more about making your tandem skydive.

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  • Got the Bakken Blues?
    We will be making our first trip to Western ND on Friday May 1st to offer tandem skydives at the Tioga Municipal Airport in Tioga, ND.
    Tioga Aerocenter will also be hosting a fly-in from 3-7pm on Friday, and we will be offering tandem jumps on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So come on out and get your knees in the breeze!

    Visit skydivefargo.com for general details. Click "sign up", then "Tandem Jump - Tioga, ND" for full details/prices on jumping in Tioga.

    Right now we only have one event planned in western ND (this one). If it is a success, then we will be back for more. So sign up today!

    Tandem Skydiving
    Interested in experiencing life at 120MPH while attached to a USPA-rated tandem instructor? Then tandem skydiving is for you!
  • Our 2015 schedule is now available for booking! Unlike 2014, we're planning to be open 7 days / week (weather permitting). If you've jumped with us in the past, please give us a positive referral by sharing this post!

    The video below was from 2014. Come join our skydive family and make 2015 even better!

  • Look who is newsworthy! (use the comments below to let Greg know just how terrible he looks without that world-class beard).


    Skydivers take part in Safety Day refresher course
    Fargo, ND (WDAY/WDAZ TV) - Skydiving season has started in Fargo-Moorhead. At least 30 skydivers from the area gathered Saturday for a Saftey Day refresher course. It's a nationwide event that focuses on making the sport safer for jumpers. The skydivers went over how cloud clearance and wind s...


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